Little UI Progress And A Bright Future

The Progress
I made a little progress with the sample notes application I talked about in the previous post.
I created a header to the table using a CSS.
The old version can be found here.
The new version can be found here.

It was quite a fast experience for all I needed was to look at another application :)
What I learned was:
  • How to copy-paste CSS code :)
  • CSS syntax - Just scratched the surface
  • Few glitches in GWT

Ultimate Goal
The ultimate goal is to have a framework and knowledge to develop a web application from end to end where the development should be:
  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Business oriented
  • Interesting
What's next?
Lots of options:
  • GWT API - Experiments with tables, layouts and other API
  • Google's app-engine: Available APIs, DB(JPA), Google users API(open ID?), ...
  • GWT MVC(Model, View, Contoller)
  • GWT project organization - Client-Server shared code, projects reuse, projects dependencies, ...
OK, so I now have a set of things to learn, but it would be nice to use them in a real useful application.

I would gladly continue my exploration with the notes application but similar exists by the tons, which kind of takes the edge out of it.

I'm looking for an application idea I could experiment with.

My current idea is a warehouse sorting application(will have a warehouse after we move to Modiin:) - I haven't yet googled to see if such exists.
The application would keep track on what exists where and help users find things when needed.
It can have several features like search capabilities. It could perhaps plug into a task application and pop up useful info when needed, for example: If i have a task to repair a bicycle puncture, the application would tell the user where his bicycle repair kit is located(with history).

What do you think?

Please feel free to suggest other application ideas....