SpringSource - a disappointment

Well, tried for several hours to install and use springsource STS.

springsource used "almost every" technology @ their disposal:
- Maven
- Spring
- gwt
- spring roo
- jpa
- log4j
- AOP - AspectJ
- JUnit

Well, this should be great but
they forgot to make it compile and run -
a very very big OOPS.

Downfall summary:
- They introduced a new scripting language (roo)
- New annotation API (roo annotations)
- Complex
- Created a whole different eclipse plugin management solution of their own. Why?
- Have an installation process that takes about several hours.
- Their hello world doesn't compile on Eclipse and no instructions on how to compile and run it outside of Eclipse.

Bummer. Sounded so good when I first read about it...